Bridesburg Riverfront Park Concept and civic engagement process


The Bridesburg Riverfront Park Concept Design and Civic Engagement Process was an intensive six month planning effort with the Bridesburg community, DRCC, and Philadelphia Parks and Recreation that culminated in a community-informed master plan for a 10 acre parcel of land on the North Delaware River. The Park will offer a variety of experiences and places for community gathering, inspiring views of the water, and opportunities for casual exploration of the natural world—at a new destination along the expanding North Delaware River Greenway.  Streetscape upgrades and green stormwater elements along Orthodox Street will make the half-mile trek from Bridesburg’s main street manageable and connect the neighborhood to the Park. After nearly fifty years, Bridesburg Riverfront Park will finally provide residents a significant public open space and access to the riverfront. Locus Partners developed a final report has been actively employed to seek grants and catalyze resources to fund the final design and construction.