Broad and Washington Urban Design Guidelines


PIDC retained Locus Partners to develop urban design guidelines and development constraints at the prominent northwest intersection of Broad Street and Washington Avenue for prospective developers. Since the site is currently zoned CMX-3, we developed guidelines that could be achieved by-right and identified the issues that would require variances. We researched other comparable mid-rise residential properties in the vicinity and developed building plans to test how the site could be developed with commercial, residential, parking, and open space. We identified primary and secondary streets, locating pedestrian and vehicular entry points accordingly. In addition, gateway entry points, view sheds, and pedestrian connections helped to organize the buildings and open space on the site. Commercial square footage was kept to a minimum and located at street level while parking was recommended to be below grade and/or concealed by active uses on the ground floor. The site, now being developed per our guidelines, is referred to as Lincoln Square.