Centennial District Regional Rail Planning Charrette

PHILADELPHIA ZOO  |  Philadelphia

The Philadelphia Zoo commissioned Locus Partners to prepare and facilitate a half-day planning charrette with a diverse group of more than 50 public and private stakeholders concerning the proposed regional rail station at 34th Street and Mantua Avenue. The purpose of the gathering was two-fold: to garner support for a Centennial District Regional Rail Station, and to test developer and public sector interest in transit-oriented development (TOD) opportunities associated with the station. Locus Partners developed the meeting structure as a multi-media presentation followed by break-out work groups. The presentation included expert guest speakers and incorporated an interactive smartphone app to allow anonymous participant input in a live-feedback setting. Following the charrette, we compiled a report and executive summary of the research, planning materials, charrette process and findings, as well as recommended next steps. Locus Partners succeeded in analyzing and presenting an extensive array of existing data for stakeholders to consider regarding TOD and other development opportunities in and around Mantua. The Zoo is currently building support for the project at city and state levels.