Charlestown Redevelopment Master Plan Guidelines


The Charlestown Redevelopment in Boston, Massachusetts will create hundreds of mixed income units in a new multi-use, multi-modal development between Bunker Hill and the Tobin Bridge. Locus Partners established streetscape guidelines for the project’s EPNF submission in response to a diverse set of proposed building and street corridor conditions. The streetscapes will define neighborhood identity, create connection with the historic context, and introduce sustainable green infrastructure. Sidewalk typologies organize the streetscape design in accordance with Boston Complete Streets Guidelines. The proposed typologies respond to street types, sidewalk widths, adjacent building uses, entrance types, and significant contextual conditions. Three specified sidewalk zones for each typology establish framework locations for furnishings, signage, and plantings, while preserving unobstructed pedestrian ways and space for relatively private gardens, terraces, entryways, and other elements defining building ownership. The width of each zone, elements, and material expression will establish the pedestrian experience and reinforce the program of the adjacent building. Each typology remains consistent along multi-block stretches to create continuity and legible character of the new neighborhood.