Locus Partners visualizes great opportunities for public realm improvements at “Central Broad” —an early action plan for the Pennsylvania Horticulture Society (PHS) Civic Landscapes Initiative. To reimagine the streetscape experience between City Hall and the Pennsylvania Convention Center along North Broad Street, we created before-and-after views proposing various “Place Maker” opportunities. Starting with wide-angle panoramic photographs of the existing locale, we rendered facets of an enhanced streetscape. We introduce a sculpture garden walk at the east wall of Reyburn Plaza and take advantage of the expansive sidewalk north of the Plaza to set the stage for a pop-up event space. The study proposes activating nightlife at the intersection of Broad and Arch through improved lighting at the building façades, al fresco dining, more trees and green along the sidewalks, and display of Philadelphia art through murals and sculpture along the Broad Street median. At the Convention Center entrance, the massive building is brought to human scale through the insertion of a covered café terrace, detailed with graphic lighting, natural materials, and lush plantings. Locus Partners delivered a final report describing the concept, context, and existing conditions; narrated vignettes; and summary of probable costs. PHS and the Center City District employ the visually rich presentation to engage stakeholders, to support grant writing, and to promote a new direction for the Civic Landscape of North Broad Street.