Friends School Haverford NEW Campus Entry


Friends School Haverford (FSH) is a well established Main Line institution serving K-8th grade students on the historic Quaker Meeting campus. FSH recently purchased the adjacent residentialproperty, Maywood House, which provides the school’s first frontage on Buck Lane. Locus Partners was tasked with reconsidering a new campus entrance for school bus access and staff parking. 

Understanding the significance of the expanded campus and new visibility for the school, we introduced plans to resolve necessary vehicular access, while preserving the historic character of the residential neighborhood. Additionally, new pedestrian connections are linked to the larger campus and draw students through the improved grounds. The plan enhances the woodland nature of the existing site and creates moments for activity and discovery throughout. Stormwater management from the parking area is transformed into a learning opportunity within a rainwater garden crossed by a small footbridge leading to campus. The plan provides for contemporary needs, preserves and enhances the environment, and provides new opportunities for nature-based education at the school.