CIVIC LANDSCAPES Garden Walk Schematic Design


The first project to be developed following Locus Partners’ conceptual design work for the Pennsylvania Horticulture Society (PHS) Civic Landscapes Initiative, is the Garden Walk on Broad Street north of Philadelphia’s City Hall. The plan transforms a derelict sidewalk into an intricately patterned garden highlighting PHS Gold Standard plants. PHS pioneered plant species appreciation and horticultural investment in Philadelphia, so this prominent location between The Pennsylvania Convention Center and Dilworth Park is a public showcase for their work. Walkway improvements are not limited to the garden. New paving, street tree plantings, thresholds to mark entrances to Reyburn Plaza and clarify pedestrian circulation, as well as public art and renovation of the Broad Street median are all considered. Locus Partners presented a summary report including a detailed cost estimate, graphic plant pallet summary, and recommended materials designated to knit this streetscape into the recent high quality improvements at adjacent park, municipal, and cultural landscapes.