The Knight Foundation’s Reimagining Civic Commons will transform urban landscapes throughout the country. The Fairmount Park Conservancy (FPC) represents five Civic Commons Project Partners to document how a new public realm will improve life in Philadelphia. 

In support of this initiative, Locus Partners developed recommendations for activity monitoring at FPC’s Civic Commons partner sites: Bartram’s Mile, the Centennial Commons, the Discovery Center, Lovett Memorial Library and Park, and the Reading Viaduct. Completion of these projects will offer transformational change in their neighborhoods and surroundings. The purpose of monitoring site usage is to acquire data that will enable each partner to understand the use of its respective project site, ideally both before and after project construction. Post-occupancy evaluation of each project will ascertain the uses and value of the project—that may or may not have been predicted. 

Locus Partners analyzed the feasibility, logistics, locations, and views for efficient and meaningful data collection. The results were compiled in a graphic report including maps, site photos, diagrams, and matrixes to guide effective deployment of various monitoring technologies. Analysis of collected data will enable each partner to understand project impacts, plan for programming and maintenance, or make the case for additional project investments. Collectively, the data can tell a powerful story about the vital impacts of open space in Philadelphia.