Park(ing) Day happens one day each year in cities across the country. Design firms, concerned citizens, and creative people looking to have some fun participate. Locus Partners debuted by taking over a parking spot on 20th Street in front of Clementine Montessori and built a Nature-Play space for kids, families, and the young-at-heart to enjoy. PLAY-(a)LOT was a temporary, mini oasis in Philadelphia demonstrating the importance of an everyday connection with Nature in the city. We designed and programmed the one-day urban intervention, then partnered with a design-build firm for materials sourcing and construction. The day of, we engaged Clementine Montessori to activate the space with their kids. They dug and built with sand, poured water down a sluice carved into a log, watched it cascade over a rock into a grassy canal. They weaved with colorful ribbons, stopped to smell the flowers, and chattered away the day. Plenty of grown-ups joined in the fun.