SoBro: South and Broad Streets Mixed-Use Student Village*

U3 ADVISORS  |  Philadelphia

SoBro Student Village provides housing and diverse programs on one full city block at the heart of Center City. Conveniently located along the cultural spine of Broad Street in the growing and diverse SOSNA neighborhood, SoBro accommodates over 1,100 students from nearby university and colleges and anchors Avenue of the Arts with 38,000 sf of new arts and entertainment venues. The development also provides a new home for a charter school, retail space on the ground floor, and underground parking. The confluence of students on this site extends the 24/7 live/play activity along South Street, and an entertainment destination. The height and density of the residential towers extends Center City’s skyline further south and provides a residential anchor. The consolidation of multiple parcels to create a unified site maximizes the highest and best use of the site by avoiding redundancies in service and loading areas. Consolidation allows for a through-block pedestrian passage, creates a publicly accessible open space, and maximizes opportunities for program diversity and activity.

*Work performed at MGA Partners